Claudia Goetzelmann on Fashion Photography

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Claudia Goetzelmann answers readers questions about fashion photography.

This month, fashion photographer Claudia Goetzelmann ( answers PDN readers' questions about shooting, storing and landing fashion photography assignments. To submit your own question for Claudia, email

 A native of Germany, Goetzelmann, began her career as a photojournalist and now specializes in high-end fashion photography. Shooting for a variety of top advertising firms, publishing houses and graphic design agencies, she continues to gain international recognition for her award-winning images. Claudia is a visual storyteller. Because models move and change their expressions quickly, card and camera speed is critical when trying to capture exact moments. While she appreciates high-quality equipment, Claudia considers her imagination to be her most important tool of the trade. She trusts her photos to SanDisk Extreme® flash memory cards and enjoys the peace of mind that the cards provide, enabling her to concentrate on her work.

Though she's never lost any images on flash memory cards, she appreciates that SanDisk supplies recovery software in case there is ever an issue retrieving images from the cards.


What's your favorite light source, and why do you choose it?
--Holly Hughes, PDN

It depends on what I am shooting, what feeling I'm after. I use strobes (Profoto, Broncolor), daylight, reflectors of all sorts, white cards, bounce etc. I like to mix it really depends on the shoot/location/ idea/ concept. But there always one ore more type of light sources. Never just one.

What was your first fashion assignment, and how did  you land it?
--Holly Hughes, PDN

It was gradual process. I started shooting more fashion oriented projects. Like a Dell ad campaign but with more fashion forward models and my shooting style..
an editorial here and there... Some look books. (can’t remember the names). I think I shoot my first fashion editorial while living in Singapore.
how did land this assignments? People looked and my work and thought it would fit what they were looking for, what they wanted to shoot...


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