StickerYou - Create your own custom stickers and labels

May 31, 2012 - StickerYou is pleased to offer all of our Nielsen Photo Group members an exclusive 15% off discount on all orders!  More »

Taking Care of Business: Getting the Jobs You Want at the Fees You Deserve

December 12, 2011 - Real-world tips for negotiating fees with clients large and small, bidding, estimating and producing successful commercial assignments.
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Kubota Image Tools Kubota Image Tools

- 10% off any Kubota DASHBOARD™ products! More »

Money Matters: Business Management for Photographers

- PDN's advice for photographers on how to control your debt and expenses, boost your profit and secure your future.
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Modern Postcard Modern Postcard

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- 20% OFF all Rentals & Sensor Cleaning! 5% OFF Camera purchases, Film, Ink, Paper, Media & Memory Cards! More »



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