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© YouVisit

Photography Director Allyson Torrisi of Popular Mechanics Explores Virtual Reality Trend for Photographers

July 06, 2015 - Photography Director Allyson Torrisi of Popular Mechanics explores the Virtual Reality experience in an interview with YouVisit virtual reality tours and how this cutting-edge trend will affect photography assignments with 360° content. More »

© Scott Lowden

Photographer Scott Lowden Is Welcomed Guest at House of Current

June 08, 2015 - Lisa Maloof, Parter at House of Current, a branding, design and interactive marketing agency in Atlanta, chooses the work of  photographer Scott Lowden for his unmatched comfort level, unique vision, excellent pre-production planning and quality imagery. More »


© Kristofer Dan-Bergman

Kristofer Dan-Bergman Partners with Spark Micro Grants for East Africa Portraiture Project

July 06, 2015 -  Award-winning photographer Kristofer Dan-Bergman shoots portraits and video interviews to promote the work of  Spark Micro Grants in East Africa. More »

© Ian Spanier

Ian Spanier Navigates Today's Budgeted World

July 06, 2015 -  Ian Spanier advises photographers on how to work in today's  budgeted world with equipment, day rates and expectations. More »

© George Kamper

George Kamper Walks on the Wild Side with New Fashion Editorial

July 06, 2015 - George Kamper taps into nature with his "Into the Wild" fashion editorial for Venice Magazine. More »

© Vegar Abelsnes

Team Vegar Creates New Breed of Production for GoRVing Microsite Launch

July 06, 2015 - Vegar Abelsnes has created a new breed of production company known as Team Vegar that brings a collaborative environment together for print, broadcast and social media for the launch of Away Adventures, a new microsite from GoRVing. More »

© Peter Taylor

Peter Taylor Documents Got To Be NC Dining Competition

July 01, 2015 -  Peter Taylor goes behind the scenes to photograph Got To Be NC dining competition between two great chefs and their staffs. More »

© Paulette Phlipot

Paulette Phlipot Exhibits Real Food as Fine Art Color Explosion

July 01, 2015 -  Paulette Phlipot showcases her colorful explosions of fruits and vegetables in a fine art exhibition for Lipton Fine Arts of Ketchum, Idaho. More »

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