PDN's All-Star Assistants

PDN’s editors selected these talented assistants after reviewing the portfolios of the nominees. Thanks to all the photographers who nominated their assistants, and thanks to www.1ProCrew.com, the photo production database, for spreading the word.

PDN Articles

  • How to Land Photography Assistant Jobs
    Professional photographers share how they hire assistants, and what makes an assistant get rehired. Read More »

  • 5 Financial Steps to Launching a Photo Career—and Avoiding Pitfalls
    Photographers featured in recent PDN’s 30 issues share the best and worst decisions they made when they began shooting full time. Read More »

  • From Assistant to Photographer: Kyle Johnson's Professional Transition
    The Seattle-based photographer sought out like-minded photographers who were more established, and began ... Read More »

  • How to Transition from an Assistant to Pro Photographer
    Download our free guide to making a successful transition from photo assistant to pro photographer. Read More »

Photo Assistant Basic Training

Photographer/Sony Artisan of Imagery Matthew Jordan Smith is teaming up with APA New York Chapter co-chair and photographer Tony Gale to present Photo Assistant Basic Training, developed and offered for years by APA chapters.

Get a major head start on a career in the photo industry.

With panel discussions, equipment demonstrations from industry experts, and hands-on training, attendees will come away with the essential knowledge and confidence to build your own Pro Assistant reputation. Acquire a comprehensive understanding of professional assisting behavioral guidelines, including contemporary set-etiquette, and discover how this valuable training will get you more call-backs - more repeat clients, more work.

Master Assisting Professionalism. Get booked solid.

Photo Assistant Basic Training is coming to San Francisco February 22 and 23, 2014. View the Photo Assistant Basic Training Video from a recent APA Los Angeles event at www.apanational.com.

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