Working For Dream Clients

November 9, 2016

Anna Williams

“Anytime you’re doing a rebrand or redesign, those words always pique interest, because to be a part of changing something creatively is always exciting,” says Anna Williams, who landed work with her dream client, Starwood's Luxury Collection, which was taking its visual branding in a new direction.

Sure, successful commercial photographers can make a handsome living, but it’s safe to say that few of the people who get into the photography business are motivated primarily by money. Photographers want to make a living, but they want to do so by creating something that reflects who they are as artists. “Dream clients” are those who give photographers some opportunities to make pictures that excite them, while also paying them well for that work. Landing dream clients can take a lot of time, effort and relationship-building. PDN editors recently spoke with photographers to find out how they identified, pitched and eventually won work from clients who embraced their creative visions.

Christian Kozowyk for Bank of America
Christian Kozowyk tells PDN how he set his sights on a dream client, Bank of America, and worked with them on smaller shoots that eventually lead to the biggest assignment of his career.

Little Outdoor Giants for Eureka!
The photography duo behind Little Outdoor Giants pursue outdoor clients whose products they use themselves. In this interview, they explain how that strategy paid off with a big shoot for Eureka!

Anna Williams for Starwood Luxury Collection
Williams says shooting for her dream client felt natural, “like something I’d want to do on my own artistic time.” Read on to learn how she landed the gig.