Promos We Kept: PhotoPlus Expo Edition

October 5, 2016

With PhotoPlus Expo just around the corner, October 19 to 22, we’re using this month’s “Promos We Kept” to showcase some of the talent who will be speaking at the conference.


© Art Streiber. Photo by Sharon Ber for PDN

No stranger to promoting his work, Art Streiber, known for his celebrity and entertainment portraits, will once again be making an appearance at the Expo. His seminar The Big Picture: Editorial Photography Behind the Scenes will reveal how he creates images for Entertainment Weekly, Newsweek and Vanity Fair. Many of these images also find their way into his promos.

Streiber produced 750 copies of his recent “Levity/Gravity” booklet, featuring an A-list cast of actors and comedians, which he sent to recipients mostly in the entertainment industry and  The response has been “extremely positive,” says his studio.


© Brook Pifer. Photo by Sharon Ber for PDN

Brook Pifer will be a part of a panel hosted by PDN editor Conor Risch, How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business. The seminar discusses audience-building, integrating social media content into pitches and promoting your own projects to generate new business. 2016 PDN‘s 30 Ike Edeani and Emiliano Granado, whom we featured in last month’s “Promos We Kept,” will also take part in the panel.

Pifer’s pack of 24 postcards was printed by Paper Chase in a run of 300. She sent them to a highly curated list of current clients and people she would like to work with. “The response was incredible, by far the best feedback I’ve had on any promo to date,” she tells PDN by email. “Typically I will hear from people I know personally about a promo but for this piece, art buyers who have been on my radar but I’ve yet to work with wrote saying how beautiful it was.”

Pifer printed 1,500 copies of her booklet using Modern Postcard, and sent them to art buyers, creative directors, art directors, photo editors and producers. “I wanted to do a recap of my travels shooting personal and select client work,” she says. The response for this piece has been positive, and it led to a directing gig for advertising and marketing agency Strawberry Frog. “Generally speaking I look at printed promos as one ingredient to an overall marketing plan supported by face time, portfolio meetings, networking at industry events and social media,” she says.


© Lou Jones. Photo by Sharon Ber for PDN

Also appearing at PhotoPlus Expo is photographer, mentor and advocate Lou Jones, whose seminar Road Warriors: Traveling with Camera, Lights and Passport offers tips for traveling on assignment and photographing in exotic locales. His postcard promos highlight some of these on-the-road experiences.

Jones says postcards are a signature tool of his. For years he was known for the observational, prose-poem musings he wrote on postcards he mailed to friends, editors and clients as a way to build and maintain relationships. Other postcards show images he’s taken on travels through Africa as part of his panAFRICAproject, which he mailed to supporters as a show of thanks. Designed to look like miniature versions of his fine-art prints, complete with a printed signature, Jones’s postcards can also form a tiny traveling show when shipping large prints isn’t possible, he tells PDN.


© Kate Owen

On a panel hosted by PDN editor David Walker, Kate Owen, along with David Paul Larson and 2014 PDN’s 30 Marcus Smith will discuss Transitioning from Assistant (or Student) to Professional Photographer. The seminar also offers tips and advice about marketing and self-promotion.

Owen tells PDN that the response to her promo “has been really good so far, and I’m still in the process of sending them out (who knew that would be so much work!). I printed 200 copies and each one is signed and numbered. I did all of the design for the zine as well as the rest of the mailer. Promotional material can be so impersonal so I’m really trying to stay far away from that. I’m sending them out to clients that I already have and a whole bunch of people that I’m hoping to connect with (magazines, ad agencies, brands, creative directors, etc.). As it’s a relatively small run. I’ve been really thinking about my goals for the mailer and going from there, rather than sending out a mass post. It’s my first time doing any sort of printed promotion, so it’s also a bit of learning experience to say the least!”

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