A Road Trip with the Sony NEX-7

David J. Carol


I just had a fantastic road trip throughout the state of New Mexico. The original goal was to spend 12 days driving around the back roads taking pictures. Well, plans changed and I spent the first three days in Santa Fe. This was a good thing. The reason? I was asked to give a lecture and do a book signing at the photo-eye Gallery. Well, it couldn't have worked out better. The Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper did a cover story about me coming to town to speak that included a big article and a bunch of my photos, including one of my pictures on the cover of Pasatiempo, the weekend arts and entertainment magazine. I had an overwhelming turnout, sold lots of books and had fun meeting with all the people that attended. But the fun didn't stop there. Now it was time to get to work and hit the road to shoot...

I brought something special along on this trip. Of course I had my usual bag of film cameras and lenses, but this time I brought something I got from Sony! The Sony NEX-7 with the Ziess 24mm 1.8 lens. What an amazing combination!!! I set the camera to manual exposure and focus and threw it in my bag. I have to say, this is the first digital camera I have ever used that felt intuitive to me. I love how the aperture and shutter speed dials are right where the thumb advance is on my Leica M6s and M4s. It was easy for me to change exposure and bracket using my thumb just like I was advancing the film. The image quality was beyond my expectations. Look, here's the deal...There are lots of small cameras out there, but this is the first one I have tried where the body size, weight and shape felt right. Every control was in the right place. This camera is the real deal...Sony got it right on this one. A valuable addition to my road trip. I cant ask for anything more than that.



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