A Short Interview With Street Photographer Linda Wisdom

David J. Carol


Linda Wisdom is a self-taught London-based street photographer. I'm not exactly sure when and where I first saw her work. What I do know is that I like it and want to know more about her. Ladies and Gentleman, I offer to you my chat with Ms. Linda Wisdom.

Linda, I have to say I'm quite a fan of your street photography. Tell me about where you grew up and how and when you became a photographer.

Thank you David. I grew up in Maida Vale, West London. I have vivid childhood memories of film cameras always being in the family household — my dad owned an old school Polaroid and my mum owned a Kodak. I didn't really take up photography as a serious hobby until 4 years ago, when a friend of mine loaned me a spare digital camera to play around with and learn the basics on. From going out with the camera every chance I could, I discovered that street was the genre I was most drawn to. So, I really got into it by accident, but I'm so glad I did.

I think one of your strengths is your awareness and use of light in your photos. Very impressive stuff. How do you see the importance of light in your work?

I love light play as an element in my photos. I think light can add a sense of drama or mood to an image when captured in such a way. I find that, if I'm out shooting on a sunny day, my eyes are automatically drawn to interesting light, shadows, shade, shapes and the contrasts between them.

Give me a one word answer to the following:
Favorite City? NYC
Favorite Food? Italian
Favorite Musician? Prince
Favorite Possession? Sight  
Favorite Person? Brother

I personally know some excellent street photographers that just so happen to be women. Is it an advantage or disadvantage being a women shooting people in the streets?

To be honest, I only stop and think about how significant it is being a female shooter when someone (usually a guy!) brings the subject up! Advantage, I don't know, maybe I appear less threatening to subjects? I don't knowingly use any female charms on subjects to get my shots or anything like that. Disadvantage, hmmm, I can't think of one. Maybe perhaps if I went shooting in the wrong neighborhood and a situation came my way, then I would feel that there was one, but that goes for anybody.

What do you love and hate about social media?

I love how it can bring complete random strangers from across the globe together via a mutual love or interest almost instantly and create international friendships with people who you probably would never have met in your daily walk of life.

My hate are the internet trolls aka cowards who hide behind their keyboards and use social media sites to bully and harass people.

OK Linda, here is your final question. List five photographs, including photographer that you would love to own and hang on your wall.

That's a very good question that I've not been asked before! Well, I can just about narrow it down to five photographers, but not sure my favorite photos of theirs have titles. So, here goes...

Fred Herzog
Leonard Freed
Fan Ho
Charles Harbutt
Christophe Jacrot

Thanks Linda! You can see more of Linda Wisdom's work here.



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