Being Professional

David J. Carol


I'm a photographer. I'm a professional photographer.
What's the difference? According to Wikipedia: "A professional is a person who is paid to undertake a specialized set of tasks and to complete them for a fee".
 Do you want to be a professional photographer? If you do, I can offer a few guidelines of professionalism that I follow. There are many more, but you cant go wrong using these as a starting point.

1) The 24 hour hour rule. Always get back to a client within 24 hours, even if its to say I don't have an answer for you, but I'm looking into it. For me, this is the number one rule!
2) Always deliver more then they ask for. If the client wants 5 shots of something, give them 10. Let them feel like they have choices. Some clients want you to make all the decisions, if that's the case, then going forward, when they want 5 give them 7.
3) After every meeting follow up with an email or drop them a note. It may make the difference when they are deciding, simply because you're on their minds and they know you want the job.
4) Know the clients business. It may sound obvious, but I constantly hear stories from photo editors and DOPs about portfolios or mailings they get from photographers that shoot nothing they would ever run in their magazines.
5) Get the picture no excuses! Nobody wants to know about your broken camera, the computer crashed, your film was lost by the lab, etc. Everyone you deal with is also busy and has problems of their own. You are there to help them.

If you can follow these five guidelines you are on your way to being a "Pro."
Oh yes, one more thing...Take great photographs! 



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