Facebook Photo Contest: A Photograph of "Nothing"

David J. Carol

Suppose there was a photo contest asking for your best photograph of "Nothing". Suppose I asked PDN 30 winner and author of the book "Road Ends In Water" Eliot Dudik to judge such a contest with me. Suppose well over 100 people entered this contest with amazing photographs of "Nothing." Well, enough supposing.There was, I did, he did and they did.

The idea of a photograph of "Nothing" is very interesting to me. To turn what might be perceived as nothing into something is quite challenging. To make a photograph of "Nothing" interesting and compelling is something I personally enjoy.

I put out the call on Facebook for photos of "Nothing" and got a lot of responses. Many of the entries were excellent work, but it is a tricky concept. We ended up choosing two winners that I think perfectly capture the essence of "Nothing."

Before I present the winners, I want to thank Eliot Dudik for being my co-juror. He's always fun, astute and a great judge of photographs.

The co-winners are Sean Rohde and Erin McGuire. They each took different approaches to the concept of "Nothing." Two approaches, yes, but I think they both nailed it perfectly. You can see more of their work by following the links below. Congratulations to both of our winners.

Sean Rohde (© Sean Rohde 2013)

Erin McGuire (© Erin McGuire 2013)



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