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I saw theses photos by Faith Ninivaggi on her Facebook page. They struck me as quite sad and lonely.  I didn't know that The Boston Herald's offices had moved. I called Faith to ask her some questions about the photos and her career at The Herald. 

I know you've been with the Boston Herald for quite a while. How long have you been shooting for them and how did you get the job? What was your background before The Herald?

It's been 10 years and two kids later. I was lost after Art school- AIB (The Art Institute of Boston) taught me how to grow as an artist, but not really how to get a job.  After I graduated I did the whole shop your portfolio around waitress to survive thing and I had fun.  It was actually at a Red Sox game when I realized journalism was the direction I wanted to go in.  The next day I picked up the two major papers in Boston, and for whatever reason was drawn to The Boston Herald. I looked up the photographer who was at the game, Michael Seamans and sent him an email.  He took me on some assignments, job shadowing. He brought me into the paper and introduced me to the staff. I continued to shoot everything I could for the sake of experience, and because I loved it. Did I mention I was also working at CBS Outdoor (Faith worked for me approx. ten years ago out of our Boston offices) at the time photographing subway ads? I took advantage of being paid to be out there and continued to shoot personal work and street photography.  I also had a summer job documenting every street corner and intersection of half Cape Cod for an insurance company. You can only imagine how thrilled I was one day when I got a call from the Herald telling me there was a position open and they wanted me to try out. 

You have won quite a few journalism awards. Which one means the most to you?

I am most proud of the portrait I made of my daughter. To be recognized for a photo of my daughter made in my own home reinforces what is closest to our heart makes the best images.

I love the photo series of the old Boston Herald building. Can you tell me about that series?  

It wasn’t an assignment. It was closure. The wrapping up of years of memories: history, people and events.  It was the place where we all sought comfort in after being on an assignment that touched, shook, or changed our lives.  I had to go back in one last time, for myself, and my colleagues to record and preserve the fossils that would be torn down.  The paper is still up and running, it has changed with the times.  We are in a corporate building shared with other companies now. It’s clean and bright. It feels modern. The Seaport District is a thriving area in Boston. Over the years the staff has dwindled, the paper has shrunk but the web has opened up new opportunities.  For photographers that means, photo galleries and videos: opportunities for us to show and produce work that their once was no space for in print.  We now compete with Web deadlines over print deadlines. We remain a two-paper town. Our integrity still remains, that will never change. 

Finally, if you could choose anything you wanted, what are you eating for dinner tonight?

Well, I had Sushi last night and a lot of pizza already this week. Maybe some oysters and champagne to celebrate.  That would be nice.

Take a look at Faith's work on her website http://faithninivaggiphotography.com

Photos Copyright: Faith Ninivaggi



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