Finding Inspiration

David J. Carol

Movie Lady, Moscow, 1992

Just like writers, photographers get "writers block.” At one point in my career I went for over a year without taking any photos for me. I was completely lost. Looking back now I see that I was so busy doing color commercial work, that I couldn't see for myself. I could only see what clients wanted. It was kinda scary, but I tried something, I had to. Solution: I went on a trip to Russia! It was the early 90s and the Soviet Union was breaking up.

I took ONLY my Leicas and black and white film, no color film, no Nikons...Just Leicas. So there I was in Moscow with old fashion cameras and old fashion film. I had no choice. I would either sink or swim. I shot around 25 rolls in the two weeks I was there. Holy Shmolly!!! I got a bunch of good stuff, I don't mean stuff where I thought "That's not bad." I mean photos that are in the "keeper" pile forever. So here's my point. I don't think you can force yourself to take a photo that you'll love.  I do think, in fact I know, that if you put yourself in an environment that is conducive to taking your kind of picture then at least you have a chance. Be there, be available and you just might get a "keeper!" 



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