How Traveling Jumpstarted Nathan Osterhaus's Photography

David J. Carol


I met Nathan Osterhaus while doing portfolio reviews for APA earlier this year. He was a self-effacing guy with very strong work. I really liked his attitude and approach to photography. For me, he's a great example of an emerging photographer. He is talented, smart and takes pictures for the best reasons: because he loves to and needs to. I asked Nathan a few questions. Nathan?

You've spent some time in South America. How did that become your stomping ground with a camera?

A friend of mine was living in Santiago, Chile for awhile, teaching English. He offered me the opportunity to come and visit. I took him up on it. I spent about 3 weeks there and was instantly hooked on traveling. It was quite the experience for me, considering that it was my first time traveling outside of the US.

I felt the effects of tear gas while photographing a protest/riot for education reform, went to my first fútbol game (which was crazy), enjoyed some homemade curanto (a traditional Chilean food), and, even though I didn't speak the language, I communicated with people through my photography. That was such an awesome feeling to me.

The trip really opened up my eyes to a different part of the world. I liked the new experiences I was having and the personal growth I was noticing within myself. I wanted more. After my friend finished his teaching, we planned a trip through Peru and Colombia together. His proficient Spanish skills and prior experience traveling in South America lead him to be like a guide for me. I sat back, soaked it all in, and documented my time with a camera. I definitely fell in love with Latin culture. That's for sure. I wouldn't be surprised if I found myself down there again one day.
What's on the wall in front of you?

A subway map of New York City that was left hanging in my room when I moved in. It has the discontinued W & V lines on it. There are: postcards from Peru, a Zoltar Speaks fortune ticket, a 5 inch floppy disk, and an embroidered piece of Spider-Man artwork that my Mom found for me at a garage sale in Wisconsin.

Name three places that you've always wanted to visit and explain why you find them intriguing.
Africa, because I've always been interested in the history, culture, lifestyle and wildlife. I'm not exactly sure which country I'd like to visit but I hope to experience that part of the world someday.

Iceland because it looks like another planet to me. I would love to run around and photograph the landscape and make nighttime photographs of the stars and aurora borealis.

Outer space, because it is the one place that not everyone can just go to unless you are an astronaut. It would be cool to see Earth from above in my lifetime.

Can you name Disney's Seven Dwarfs? No cheating, name them!

Dopey, Grumpy, Sleepy, Happy, Doc, Bashful & ???

The last one is Sneezy, Dude! Thanks Nathan! To see more of Nathan's work, check out his website.



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