Humor Photo Contest 2013

David J. Carol

I love humor in photography. One of my first photographic influences was Elliot Erwitt, need I say more? So, I put out the call for "funny or humorous" photos on Facebook. With over 4500 friends, most of which are photographers, I knew I would get a good selection to choose from. I needed some high end judges, so I asked two very smart and discerning friends from Rolling Stone Magazine to help out. Deputy Photo Editor Deb Dragon and Senior Photo Editor Sacha Lecca agreed to join me in the judging. Thank you Deb and Sacha, I owe you each some adult beverages! I allotted around a week or two for the submissions to roll in. The quantity and quality of the photos was truly outstanding. We really had a tough time narrowing it down, but finally after debating into the wee hours of the night we selected our final choices. Here are the three winners. I might add that these three photos are not just amusing pics, but in my opinion excellent photographs by some talented photographers. I present the winners. Congratulations!

Photo Copyright: Hector Issac - mrhiphotography.wordpress.com

Photo Copyright: Andrew Steiner - asteinerphoto.photoshelter.com

Photo Copyright: John Elder - facebook.com/JOHNELDER.PHOTOGRAPHER



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