I Love a Good Photo Contest

David J. Carol

I love a good photo contest. I'm always interested in what people consider their best work. Sooooo, I threw a photo contest on Facebook and a lot of people came! The contest was simple, to submit your favorite photo of the Summer 2012 . Any subject, any camera and any process. I got some really great work and the original plan was to narrow it down to maybe a winner and a runner-up. The photos were too good!! There were at least 10 photos I loved. I had to call on four other judges to help me narrow it down.  Here are the winning pictures in no particular order:

Copyright: Michael Penn

Copyright: Judith Steiner

Copyright: Max Juhasz

Copyright: Pamela Joye

Copyright: Michael Ast




© powerHouse Books/photo by Phil Stern
Obituary: Phil Stern, Photographer of Hollywood Icons, 95


© Danny Clinch
Notable Photo Books of 2014, Part II


©Claire Rosen
PDN 2015 Photo Annual Competition



Tout VTS


Tout VTS


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