It’s Never Too Late

David J. Carol


The term "Emerging Photographer" often brings to mind a student or a 20 something photographer just starting out. Its an exciting time...

Well, lets not reserve the term just for those under 30. I have recently started working with a photographer in her mid 40s, Stacey Assael Skordas, that I would certainly classify as "emerging". She has had a career, raised a family and has just recently discovered how rewarding and interesting photography can be. In fact, around a year ago she attended my book release party and the accompanying talk I gave at The Center for Alternative Photography in New York City. I asked if that inspired here to get into taking pictures and she told me that, no she wasn't really interested in photography at the time and couldn't wait to leave. Kinda funny that now we meet regularly to discuss and critique her work. Go figure...

My point is, its never too late to start getting serious about taking pictures. There is nothing wrong with being the family photographer. Its wonderful and valuable, but why not also expand your vision and start exploring how you see the world and how you can photograph it. 

It's never too late! 



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