Juliet Falanco: A Shooting Star!

David J. Carol


Juliet Falanco is a student and a true emerging photographer. What is her major you may ask? Well, I don't know that 7th graders have a major. That's right, she's a 13-year-old teenager that loves photography. I took one look at her photographs and realized this is no ordinary kid. Juliet is a sophisticated, creative and evolved young photographer. Don't take my word for it, take a look yourself. I had to talk to this delightful young lady. Read what she has to say, then check out her photos. You wont be disappointed.

Well Juliet, you're all of 13 and I think you have quite a mature "vision" in your photography. Tell me how and when you started taking pictures.

I actually began taking photos at the age of 8 with my mom's new camera and, at the time, my parents didn't really let me use it. Then one day, my dad spotted a bluejay in our backyard and told me to grab the camera. After grabbing it, I started to take some pictures and tried to figure out how it actually worked. Luckily, I knew some basics. Now after I snapped away, I downloaded the photos and my parents and I viewed them. I remember turning towards them and seeing their faces in disbelief and having giant grins at this one photo of the bird. It made me feel absolutely amazing watching the reactions grow. I knew they were proud. From that point on, my parents have been encouraging me to continue this new passion. It was this one bird, one moment, and one picture that changed it all for me. 

I see the same "model" in a lot of your photos. Who is that and why the same person so often?

That model is usually me. It's mainly me because a few months ago I was still learning to take self-portraits with a tripod and timer. Plus, it's easier to express yourself when you're alone. It's kind of like singing... I sing better in the shower then on a stage. I have been practicing by doing photo shoots for friends and family members. 

Besides photography, what other creative outlets do you enjoy?

I am in LOVE with creative writing, such as poetry or just speaking my mind through a keyboard or pencil. I think I enjoy it so much because that's how I get inspired of what kind of photos to take. Like do I want mysterious? romantic? depressing? joyful? or just life in the moment.

OK, last question...Tell me about a few people that have inspired you the most.

Some people that have inspired me ever so deeply are my two brothers, especially my younger brother, Jayden, who has autism. Ever since I could remember, he has filled me with joy and has helped mold me into who I am today, a proud sister. I used to always tell him "you are special, and special is good, and those big blue eyes prove it". My whole family and I have brown eyes, and I admit I am a bit jealous of those eyes of his, but those pair of blue eyes make wonderful photos. 

Then, we have my older brother, Chris, who is so kind-hearted and believes in me. I just love the way he is, with his curiosity that I think he may have just passed it on to me, to crave adventure. Which is why I believe my adventure will come, and will come starting with some views, focus, stability, and a click. :)

Thanks Juliet, it has been a pleasure speaking with you and seeing your photos!



PDN August 2016: The Fine-Art Photography Issue



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