June is for raking in the green

Lindsay Comstock

It’s heating up. The days are stretching out in front of us like long dreams. The sun shines through the window in our office, of that day job we do to survive, and beckons us to come outside and play.

But, hold on, we still have a couple weeks till summer officially begins. Before you find yourself in puddles of perspiration vying to navigate through crowds at concerts, outdoor movies, and beachside BBQs, we suggest you take the energy that has you squirming in your seat and apply it to your future in photography.

So scan those negatives that have been hiding in your closet, process those raw images concealed by layers of open blog tabs, and put your best image(s) forward. We challenge you to apply for a grant. Or two. Or three.

Due June 29:

Humble Arts Foundation New Photography Grant:
Open to photographers 18 years and older. A $1,000 cash grant awarded to the strongest proposal for a contemporary art photography series.

Due June 30:

The Joy of Giving Something, Inc. Quarterly Photography Contest:
Open to photographers 18 years and older whose work imagines what the world could be. Prize includes $1,000 and a solo exhibition at the Forward Thinking Museum.

The Ian Perry Scholarship:
Open to emerging photojournalists either enrolled in a full-time photography program or under the age of 24. The winner receives £3,500 and publication of their images.

Due July 7:

Pride Photo Award:
Open to photographic entries about sexual (LGBT) and gender diversity. Prizes include a trip to Amsterdam for the award ceremony and exhibition opening.

Due July 12:

PDN Objects of Desire Photography Contest:
A competition celebrating the subject matter that incites passion within a photographer. Prizes for the various categories include Maine Photography Workshop tuition, an iPad3, Adobe® Creative Suite 6 Design Web Premium, a Fujifilm FinePix X100 camera, and visibility. Open to anyone except Nielsen employees and families.

Due July 31:

En Foco’s New Works Photography Fellowship:
Up to $1,000, plus prizes, and visibility awarded to U.S. photographers of Latino, African or Asian heritage, and Native Peoples of the Americas and Pacific.

Due August 20:

Blue Earth Alliance sponsorship:
Two-year sponsorship for a photographic project that "educates the public about endangered cultures, threatened environments, or current topics of social concern".



PDN July 2016: The Innovation Issue



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