Kevin Parent, my kind of Photographer

David J. Carol


I was recently looking through photographs online when i came across this photo of a Winn Dixie store in South Carolina taken by Kevin Parent. I loved the photograph so much I wrote to him just to let him know. I do that sometimes. I write to photographers to let them know that their photos are being seen and appreciated. I usually get a polite thank you back and that's very nice. Well, not only did Mr. Parent send me a nice you're welcome, he sent me a stunning print of the photograph!! I was shocked, and of course quite pleased. Not every day do I get a beautiful print in the mail for free. Anyway, I took a look at more of his work and was very impressed. I asked him to tell me a little bit about his life as a photographer. Here is some of what he had to say...

"I've carried a camera around my neck for the past twenty-five years (I'm 55 now). ...I shut down my wet darkroom about 3 years ago-I dearly miss wet printing.I still shoot a ton of film, but utilize the latest high-end scanners and printers.  In all honesty, if you've never created a silver print, well, you don't know what you're missing. I photograph anything that crosses my path that flips that little trigger in the back of my mind-I'll usually worry if I have anything at the editing stage. I also build my own pinhole cameras-usually in a 6x12 or 6x18 format-love that roll film!! Represented by The Corrigan Gallery here in Charleston, but to be honest the selling part always takes a back seat to the creating part. It is the act of photographing, and the final image that truly means everything to me. I cringe when I hear people tell me that 'they can't find anything to photograph.'They must be pretty boring people-just look around at this crazy ball flying through space-it's got everything...and more!!"

Folks, this is my kind of photographer. He does it for exactly the right reasons. My hat is off to the photographers that do it for the love of photography...

Cheers to you Kevin Parent!



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