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Louisa Marie Summer is a young emerging photographer that should be on your radar. She released her second book last year titled Jennifer's Family. I was fortunate to meet Louisa while doing portfolio reviews for ASMP in early 2012 before the project was completed.  Louisa invited me to help her with some final photo edits and book layouts. I think the completed book looks fantastic and is a must have for any photographic library. I asked Louisa to write a brief description of the project. Here is what she has to say:

"The photographs of Jennifer’s Family share my experience with Jennifer, a 26 year-old first-generation Puerto Rican woman, whom one day I approached in South Providence, RI. For more than two years I have been portraying the daily life of Jennifer, who lives with her Native American life partner Tompy and their four children in a rundown three-bedroom apartment at or near the lower end of the socioeconomic ladder. In spite of difficult living conditions, poverty, and illness, Jennifer remains optimistic while thoroughly caring for her children. Over time I literally became part of the daily life of an America family I care for and who cares for me. The quote of Jennifer’s life partner "Respect Goes a Long Way" perfectly expresses our relationship based on mutual trust, respect, and understanding. 

To support the family’s voice in my work, writer Mairéad Byrne and I derived short essays from interviews with the family. The words reveal details about Jennifer's family’s relationships and emotions, as well as their finances and child-rearing philosophies. They reflect them as trustworthy human beings, while also revealing the contradictions and tensions between what they say and how they act."

Take a look at Louisa's work on her website www.louisasummer.com

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