Loving Photography

David J. Carol

Fedex Man, New York City, 2012

I love photography! I think most of us can say that without fear of contradiction. But, there are so many different types of photography. There is portrait, landscape, advertising, corporate, still life, street and journalism just to name a few.

Photography is as vague a word to describe what we do (or like, or want to do) as writing, entertainment and even business is to other careers.

So...This has inspired me (doesn't take much apparently) to highlight different types of photography on a regular and ongoing basis.

Today's example will be Street Photography!!   Woo Hoo!
Man do I love street photography. I think its one of the most difficult and misunderstood (possibly underrated) types of photography. To my mind "street" is straight forward, honest, candid and unstaged pictures of what’s going on around you. It is the process of "noticing" events and  "capturing" them with your camera as you roam the planet.

Now, for it to be "good" street photography, the photographer must have at least two critical talents (many more really, but these two are the bare minimum needed to get started).

1) Fast on the draw! The ability to take a photo very quickly. 
2) An interesting opinion!! Yes, have an opinion about the world you live in.

Sounds obvious, but I think the worst thing anyone’s photos can be is boring!

Whether your pics are humorous, ironic, scary, revolting, romantic...they must be interesting and compelling! I don't think this is possible without an evolved understanding of how you see the world. 

So: what do YOU see that no one else would see if you didn't take a picture of it? To me that's the essence of street photography. The little kid now grown up yelling "Look at that!" Here's a list of some of my favorite street photographers for you to Google:

The greats: Garry Winogr and 
 Tony Ray-Jones, 
Henri Cartier-Bresson,
 Elliot Erwitt,
 Helen Levitt, 
Lee Friedlander, 
Robert Frank (maybe a stretch calling him a street photographer, but its my column I'll do what I want)
 William Klein
, Andre Kertez, 
Vivian Maier (recently discovered and an interesting story)

Here's a list of some contemporary photographers in the streets right now:

 Markus Hartel, Richard Bram, 
Orville Robertson, 
Michael Penn, 
Nick Turpin
, Matt Stuart 

All good stuff! I promise... 



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