Matthew Jordan Smith takes to Kickstarter to fund new project Future Presidents

Harrison Jacobs


What would you do if you were President of the United States of America? That’s the question that celebrity portrait photographer Matthew Jordan Smith has been asking children across the country for his latest book, Future Presidents.

Smith and his fiancee have been traveling to every state in America with this question in mind. After asking children the question, he has been photographing them along  with their sometimes funny, always thought-provoking responses. His goal is to demonstrate the pure vision that these children have for our country, one “unhindered by the ‘how’ and concerned only with the ‘what.’”

Part of his hope is that by asking a group of young, diverse Americans this question and giving them the experience of being photographed as a future president, it will plant, in Smith’s words, “a powerful seed that may blossom into the dream of one day becoming an American president.”

While the project is near completion, Smith has taken to Kickstarter to help fund the end of the project. His goal is to produce a finished book similar to his previously published efforts, Sepia Dreams and Lost and Found. Smith has self-funded the project to this point but, in order to offset the costs of travel, shooting, editing, copy-editing, and printing, Smith is looking to raise $30,000.

For those that do choose to contribute, Smith has a variety of perks available, depending on one’s level of contribution. The perks include digital copies of Future Presidents, signed hardcover copies, limited edition prints and, for the most generous backers, a one-of-a-kind celebrity photo shoot in Hollywood, California by Smith or a two-hour speaking presentation to the school, group or organization of the donor’s choice.

As always with Kickstarter, the project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by its deadline, which is Sunday May 5th. Follow the link to check out the project and contribute.  



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