Meet Jessica Lehrman

David J. Carol


So they call this site Emerging Photographer...a good name and a good concept. A place for emerging photographers to learn and to be seen. I wish there was something like this when I was a kid. What a great place to highlight a photographer that's just getting started, regardless of age. So here's the deal. I'm gonna start doing just that! Every time I'm introduced to, stumble upon, meet or somehow made aware of an "Emerging Photographer" whose work strikes me you will see that person here. I'll write a little something, post a photo or two and possibly link you to their website. Stay tuned folks, this is gonna be fun!!!

Well, you didn't think that was it? 

Here' my first Emerging Photographer. 

Her name is Jessica Lehrman.

At first glance one might think she simply shoots entertainers or news events.  But, I think this smart, funny and energetic young woman is up to a lot more than that. Jessica Lehrman is a true social documentary photographer. To me her photos are about her time... She captures a cross section of today's culture through the eyes of a 20 something women. She is an observer and in some ways a participant... One of those photographers that never fears hitting the shutter while placing herself and camera right in the middle of the chaos. Lehrman's photos have the energetic and spontaneous look of a photographer that gets down and dirty to show us the truth, for better or worse. If you want photographic evidence of today's youth and what they are interested in take look at Jessica Lehrman's journey. I did and I'm a fan! 

Photos Copyright: Jessica Lehrman

Check out her work at http://www.jessicalehrman.com/



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