Must Have Photography Books: Part Two

David J. Carol

I think it's important to have a photography library in your home. It's a great instant resource and a much better way to see pictures than on a computer monitor. Here are ten more classic photography books that every photo library should have.

1)  Lee Friedlander, Photographs
2)  Richard Avedon, In The American West
3)  Daido Moriyama, The World through My Eyes
4)  Garry Winogrand, Women are Beautiful
5)  Lewis Hine, Children at Work
6)  Willian Klein, New York, 1954-1955
7)  JH Lartigue, Boyhood Photos of JH Lartigue: The Family Album of a Gilded Age
8)  August Sander, People of the 20th Century
9)  Eugene Atget, Unknown Paris
10) Elliot Erwitt, Personal Best

If you followed my advice you now have 20 amazing books. Stay tuned for part three!



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Obituary: Phil Stern, Photographer of Hollywood Icons, 95


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