NYThroughTheLens: Learning To Fly

Vivienne Gucwa


As a photographer, I view life through my lens as if it is a cinematic
sequence. Every action is a frame in a never-ending film
that I am directing. It's the challenge of selecting the still frame
that resonates that keeps me shooting.

This photo was taken on the Roosevelt Island Tram in New York City.
The Roosevelt Island Tram has been taking commuters from Manhattan to
Roosevelt Island since the 1970s. It was completely renovated and
modernized in 2010. Its highest point is 250 feet up in the air and it
travels alongside the Queensboro Bridge above the East River. I have
always referred to it lovingly as a slow amusement park ride in the
middle of New York City. The views of midtown Manhattan's skyscrapers
as the tram car moves up and over the changing cityscape are
absolutely breathtaking.

I think a lot about the moments that eventually become the still frame
that resonates. On the day that I took this photo, I couldn't
help but remember all of the times I wished I could fly when I was
younger. A recurring dream of mine was to fly through the caverns of
Manhattan's skyscrapers like Batman or Spiderman. When my tram
car started its ascent, I knew that I needed to be ready for the
moment that would make me feel the closest to my childhood dreams of
flying. And as the adjacent tram moving in the opposite direction
passed by, I was there to capture that moment forever.

Check out more of Vivienne's work at her blog, NYThroughTheLens.



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