NYThroughTheLens: Winter Scenes

Vivienne Gucwa


When the days concede to night in the winter, there is a comfort in the glow of city lights. While neon lights can sometimes come across as cold, once the windchill dips into the single digits, those lights are a sign of life. People tend to huddle under the glow of lights in the winter with a frequency that isn't seen in warmer months as if they are city moths drawn to the glowing promise of warmth.

Street photography is a great way to observe these types of behavioral patterns. I often refer to street photography as a cinematic glimpse into a never-ending maze of pattern recognition. Once you are able to find the backdrop or set, the key is to wait for the star of the scene to show up.

This happens to be one of my favorite sections of St. Mark's Place in Lower Manhattan. I have always been intrigued with how the eye is pulled from the interior of the restaurant on the lower-right counter-clockwise up towards the giant cow sculpture and around past the neon tattoo parlor signs towards the tree that frames the entire scene. In the winter, people often stop on the stairs to use the lights for the dual purpose of warmth and clarity, while they check their various mobile devices. And for tiny increments of time, they become the stars in this particular scene.

Check out more of Vivienne's work at her blog, NYThroughTheLens.



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