NYThroughTheLens: Winter Cityscapes

Vivienne Gucwa


Winter can feel like an unforgiving season for outdoor photography. Daylight hours are short and the nights are often frigid and fraught with bitterly cold wind gusts.

When it comes to photographing urban landscapes, however, winter can be ideal. Summer months bring haze and humidity, which can limit visibility and give city-scapes a muddy look. In contrast, winter months are usually free of haze which allows for deeper clarity and increased visibility.

When photographing dusk scenes, the colors that city lights cast are even more pronounced in the winter months due to the lack of haze. This particular photograph is a 30-second exposure that was taken on a gusty winter evening. Long exposures will usually result in a total smoothing of water surfaces. In this case, the water was so choppy that the surface of the river was still rendered rough.

While winter photography can initially seem like a daunting idea, the results are usually well worth the effort. Of course, the best part of taking photographs in the winter is resting with a large mug of something delicious and hot after your photographic journey.

Check out more of Vivienne's work at her blog, NYThroughTheLens.



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