"Push the Button!"

David J. Carol

Fetching a haystack. Valeni, Maramures, Romania.  

I have been giving private lessons and workshops for quite a while now. Everyone that I work with has different goals and motivations, yet they all have a few things in common. One of these things is they want to be more "spontaneous" or "carefree" in their photography. I think one of the reasons they might seek me out is because they feel my photographs are unplanned and have a casual feeling, at least that's what I’ve been told. So, how do we address this issue of wanting to "shoot from the hip" and not be so rigid and calculated while taking pictures? The expression "paralysis from analysis" comes to mind. I tell them to stop thinking, and as soon as they have a sense that they see something they want to photograph to just "Push the Button"! Sometimes its that simple to get over the fear...fear of what? I don't know. Maybe its the fear that you will take a bad photo or the fear that its too soon, or its not framed right or who knows what else. But, if you want to capture a genuine "moment" then you have to "Pull the Trigger' when its time, not after you've thought about it. The next time you go to take a photo and you see the photo opportunity unfolding before you, you're probably going to be a "moment" too late. Trust me, go out and shoot without thinking, just "Push the Button" before you're sure its time to take the picture. What have you got to lose?



© Karine Laval/Courtesy of the artist and Benrubi Gallery
Karine Laval's Enchanted Gardens


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