Sacha Lecca "Skateboarding Photographer and Rolling Stone Editor"

David J. Carol


You may know Sacha Lecca as a photo editor at Rolling Stone Magazine. But what you may not know is this dude is a photographer and a skateboarder! I recently saw some of his skating photos and loved them. I asked him to tell me a little bit about what he’s up to...Take it away Sacha!
"If I can, I skate in NYC everyday. It's a huge release for me after working long hours in an office. I try to shoot as often as I can too, but that time in the office makes it difficult, so I what I've been shooting lately is my experience skating. Back in 2005 I discovered a small group of (mostly longboard) skaters who had, just a few years before, started a race called the Broadway Bomb (an outlaw 8.5 mile street race down Broadway through NYC traffic). I raced that year with about 30/40 others. I've been skating that race ever since and been shooting as well, sometimes while skating. Participation in that event has grown exponentially (over 1800 racers in 2011) prompting the 2012 race to be halted by court order. We skated anyway.  Other sessions/events are organized by local skate shops/manufacturers/individuals (Uncle Funky's, Earthwing, Bustin) and I try to go as often as possible and approach it like a documentary project rather than as a skate photographer. I'm not always looking for trick shots, but moments as a street photographer would, highlighting the aesthetic flow of a skaters movements, or just details surrounding the gatherings."

I Love it Sacha, don't stop!! 

Photos Copyright: Sacha Lecca



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