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Do you wonder if going to a portfolio review at ASMP or Palms Springs Photo Festival (just to name two, there are many others) are worth it? You wonder what possibly could come of it? I thought the same thing. I never understood the point of going to them until I started reviewing portfolios. Now I get it. It makes sense whether you're just starting out or are deeply into your career. You get a new set of eye's to see your work. I mean c'mon, even Tiger Woods still uses a golf coach. At a portfolio review you meet reviewers that have seen 100s if not 1,000s of portfolios and photographs over the years. Why reinvent the wheel? We have been doing this photo thing for a long time, let us help. There are so many problems that I see over and over again (and easy to remedy) that might not be obvious to person being reviewed. Sometimes it’s the smallest thing, a quick fix, other times it can be how to reorganize your photos, or which ones to edit out. I constantly get e-mails from people whose work I have reviewed telling me that some little comment or bit of advise I gave them has turned out to be quite helpful. Want an example of someone that was helped at one of these deals?   Here ya go...

A few years ago a photography student at FIT named Amy Lombard came to ASMP to have her portfolio reviewed. Some how she got stuck with me (I think you can see as many reviewers as you want until the time runs out). We went over her work and I noticed she had a lot in common photographically with a very well known photographer that happened to be a friend of mine. I arranged for them to meet and whatya know...Amy started interning/working with this photographer. Pretty cool, but there's more. Amy and I stayed in touch. She would send me her photos every now and then to look at and we would discuss them. Well, Amy wanted to make a book from her latest series of photos taken in IKEA stores. Kickstarter to the rescue. Success!!! The new book "Happy Inside" is about to be released and you're reading about it here simply because Amy Lombard invested the time to go to a portfolio review...Not too shabby.
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