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Myrna Kresh, has 30 years of experience working with emerging and established photographers. Formerly the Executive Director of the Advertising Photographers of New York, Myrna energized and expanded APNY’s Assistant and Emerging Photographer Programs and has a profound understanding of  what it really takes to make it as a pro. Myrna is an industry insider, producing and representing visual artists, in their commercial and personal projects.

Dear Myrna,

My photographer gets FREE paper from a major paper company to use for  printing. What's free for him is 100 dollars a box for me. He has way more paper than he can use. I haven't gotten a raise in two years and his giving me a box of paper every now and then seems like the least he can do. I am a very honest person and would never take anything without his knowledge. How can I ask him?

Paperless in Boston

Dear Paperless,

There's no such thing as "free." Your photographer is given paper in return for his endorsement of the brand. It is payment for services rendered by him to the company. ASK him if it's OK for you to use some of his paper for your own printing projects on your own time. I'm betting he'll say “yes” but if he doesn’t you’ve strengthened the trust between the two of two of you, as well as done the right thing. If he should say "no," don't get angry, but rather take it as a major tell as to what his mentoring and generosity capabilities are, and evaluate if he has the character of someone you want to be around 8 to 10 hours a day.

To submit your advice questions to Right Moves, send an email to myrna@myrnak.com.



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