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Myrna Kresh

Myrna Kresh, has 30 years of experience working with emerging and established photographers. Formerly the Executive Director of the Advertising Photographers of New York, Myrna energized and expanded APNY’s Assistant and Emerging Photographer Programs and has a profound understanding of what it really takes to make it as a pro. Myrna is an industry insider, producing and representing visual artists, in their commercial and personal projects.

Dear Right Moves,

I live in San Francisco. My boyfriend lives in San Francisco. I have a personal photography project I’m working on that’s really going well here in San Francisco. I can support myself, just barely, with small editorial jobs and weddings. I am twenty-five years old and, just like women feel a biological clock, I feel a creative clock ticking.  Five more years to thirty and then I’m just about middle age!

I went to New York last week and had some encouraging appointments with 3 major magazine photo editors who all told me my work was outstanding. But when I asked if I should relocate to New York as my home base they all said no. WHY?

Why, if my work is so good, do they not want me based in their city?  It makes no sense to me whatsoever. Are they just blowing smoke and being “nice”?  How am I to know?

I Really Can Handle The Truth, San Francisco, California

Dear I Really Can Handle The Truth,,

Encouraging appointments and enthusiastic response from photo editors in New York is not enough reason to move to the Big Apple.  If you have a good personal project launched in San Francisco and you’re supporting yourself, stay where you are. Stay in touch with the photo editors whom you visited.  Begin a relationship with them via emails sending them new images and WHEN they give you assignments, WHEN they hire you, not once, but on an on-going basis, then it might make sense to come to New York. 

Truth be told, photography talent is more decentralized than it was even five years ago. Photographers can pretty much live anywhere and get work.  Great agencies and creative agencies are more plentiful in New York, but certainly are not unique to New York.

Do NOT up-end your life based on a few good appointments with Photo Editors.  Getting work, developing clients…is a long process developed over time.

That’s the truth.

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