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Myrna Kresh

Myrna Kresh, has 30 years of experience working with emerging and established photographers. Formerly the Executive Director of the Advertising Photographers of New York, Myrna energized and expanded APNY’s Assistant and Emerging Photographer Programs and has a profound understanding of what it really takes to make it as a pro. Myrna is an industry insider, producing and representing visual artists, in their commercial and personal projects.

Who ARE these people who will determine my future? What are their aesthetic qualifications to judge what I do? I probably have a better eye than they do.

20/20, Brooklyn, New York

Dear 20/20,

The people who determine whether you are awarded an assignment usually have backgrounds in art and design. The art buyers, art directors, producers, editors, creatives, who review your images, will have looked at more photography in a day than you’ll look at in a year AND they are attached to the other end of the equation that you don’t know anything about…the CLIENT.

This isn’t about their aesthetic versus your aesthetic, It’s about what their client needs to tell his story. It’s about a budget, as well as a style. Learn about the agency end of the business and you’ll see how many factors are considered before awarding work. Sounds like you resent “those people” before they even looked at your work.

To submit your advice questions to Right Moves, send an email to myrna@myrnak.com.



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