Right Moves: Where To Find Feedback

Myrna Kresh

Myrna Kresh, has 30 years of experience working with emerging and established photographers. Formerly the Executive Director of the Advertising Photographers of New York, Myrna energized and expanded APNY’s Assistant and Emerging Photographer Programs and has a profound understanding of what it really takes to make it as a pro. Myrna is an industry insider, producing and representing visual artists, in their commercial and personal projects.

Dear Right Moves,

I am not in a college photography program. Where does someone like me get honest feedback about my photographs? My parents love everything I do, my brother hates everything I do, and that’s my group, so forget about them. I need opinions other than my own, especially as I want to be a commercial photographer.

Looking For Answers, Buffalo

Dear Looking For Answers,

Take as many photographs as possible. Carry your camera with you. Give yourself an assignment and then work to complete it.  A self-assignment might be “A Tree For All Seasons.” Select a few particularly interesting trees in your neighborhood and photograph them during each season of the year. When your assignment is completed or maybe while you are doing it, show the results to EVERYONE whose opinion you even begin to trust. Don’t be shy or worried that they may not be interested. What’s more important is that you are interested in what they have to say.

It absolutely does not matter if they “like” your work … what’s important is what they see in your images that you might not. It’s fascinating how much information friends and acquaintances can give us about ourselves, if we’re open to hearing them.

To submit your advice questions to Right Moves, send an email to myrna@myrnak.com.



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