Samuel Bradley Takes the NEX-6 to New Heights

By Jacqui Palumbo

Sunrise at 4000 metres. Bradley calls it "the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen."

Samuel Bradley, who was featured in Emerging Photographer as the latest Photo Feed semester winner, recently sent over some new images for our team to see. He took his new Sony NEX-6 on a climbing expedition and came back with some stunning photos. Check them out below, and some information from Bradley about the shoot.

"In June, myself, my father and two friends set out to summit Mont Blanc for charity with The Royal Marines. However, due to weather conditions and a deadly avalanche two days before we were set to climb, we were forced to abandon the expedition on the face of Mont Blanc Du Tacul, the first in three peaks along the ‘Three Monts Route’ which culminates on the summit of Mont Blanc. 

Instead we set out to climb The Monch in Switzerland, a much shorter but more technical climb with greater exposure. None of us has any real mountaineering experience. I’d never been above a couple of thousand feet and had certainly never used ice axes or crampons before. Since returning to the UK I’ve began climbing regularly at a local club and am currently planning my next trip. 

I had a couple of cameras with me on the trip. A Mamiya 7 II and my trusty Sony NEX-6. Despite managing to load film in some pretty scary situations, I found myself shooting mostly with the Sony. Small, lightweight and surprisingly resilient (it survived submersion in snow, being dropped on rocks, and the odd beer spillage) it turned out to be a valuable companion. All images shown here were taken on the Sony NEX-6 and 16-50mm lens."

All photos © Samuel Bradley



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