Serious Fun

David J. Carol


Look, you're just starting out in the world of photography. Its overwhelming, confusing and maybe even scary. You see what you think are all these "successful" photographers getting all the good jobs or winning awards and you wonder how do I get to there from here. 

Well, I'm gonna tell you what my mind set was 25 years ago. I wanted to travel the world and meet interesting people, and oh yeah take pictures while having fun. In my early 20's my goals were that simple, or maybe even that complicated. In retrospect, its hard to fathom being so idealistic and naive, except for one thing...Nothing has changed! Your either on the bus or off the bus! (BTW-If you don't that expression, google it.) You either believe in yourself or you don't. 

So here's the deal. Everyone goes about it in different ways. My way may not work for you, geeeez, my way might not work in 2013. However in my mind there are certain rules that are universal and must be followed, at least to some degree. One of the most important rules for me and I will go as far to say it applies to everyone is this: "Take your work seriously, but not yourself."  I'm no zen master, but if you live by that simple sentence you can't fail. Oh yes, one more thing. Go take more pictures... 



© Karine Laval/Courtesy of the artist and Benrubi Gallery
Karine Laval's Enchanted Gardens


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