Seven Students from Savannah College of Art and Design

by David J. Carol


Savannah College of Art and Design not only has a great photography program, they have some very smart students that know how to make things happen and then follow up. I meet photographers all the time that tell me about their work and give me their business cards. I accept their cards, but I always tell them to email me with a link to their work. I get business cards all the time and its hard for me to keep track of who gave me which card.
Well at SCAD, the kids knew exactly what to do. Not only did some of them email me before I even arrived, but everyone who is featured below followed up. It's one thing to be talented, and that's very important, but if you don't follow up then no one will know how talented you are. The seven photography students whose images are featured in this article are all talented, interesting, smart and they followed up on my request to see their work. Thank you Sarah Borst, Maria Minnelli, Haley Varacallo, Chelsea Hope Warlick, Corey Danieli, Katie Frezza and Milisa Hicks. You all have talent, individuality and a very bright future!

© Sarah Borst

© Maria Minnelli

© Haley Varacallo

© Chelsea Hope Warlick

© Corey Danieli

© Katie Frezza

© Milisa Hicks



© Josh Wool
PDN November 2015: The How-To Issue



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