The Three Keys to Photography

David J. Carol


There are three key ingredients to being, at the very least, a good photographer.

First and foremost, you must have an opinion. I feel this should go without saying, but some photographers are simply trying to recreate photographs they have already seen and often not realizing it. That's fine if it makes you happy, but I'm more interested in someone's personality coming through in their work.

The second important attribute is the ability to notice. You must see what is not always obvious and be visually aware of subtle nuances in the world around you.

The last key is a relentless curiosity and desire to learn.

I don't think any of the traits I mentioned can be taught, nor do I think they are exclusive to photography. They are a necessity in many creative professions, from writing literature to performing music.

Those qualities, combined with the talent to translate them into a photograph, is the key to being an interesting photographer. For me, the most interesting and compelling photography will show me the photographer's visual and intellectual perspective of the world.



© Josh Wool
PDN November 2015: The How-To Issue



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