Time for my 2012 Top 10 Favorites Things!

David J. Carol


As the year draws to a close I notice that everyone loves to make lists of their favorite things.  As I have said before I love lists too. So here are my favorite things photographic for 2012! 

1) Kodak's Tri-X black and white film. Go old school and see what the "old folks" are talking about.

2) The Sony NEX-7 with a Carl Zeiss 24mm 1.8 lens (I want one if anyone at Sony is reading this).

3) Think Tank Retrospective camera bags.

4) Kelton Labs in New York City. Make a great print of one of your best images.

5) photo-eye book store. Order a great book for yourself or a friend.

6) Epson V600 scanner.

7) The International Center of Photography. When you visit be sure to check out the gift shop.

8) Facebook-A great place to market and show your photographs.

9) SanDisk 16GB Extreme Pro cards.

10) Luigi Camera straps from Italy. The best straps I've ever seen.

There ya go folks. Enjoy! 



© Charles Harbutt/Courtesy of The Center for Creative Photography
Obituary: Photographer Charles Harbutt Dies



Tout VTS


Tout VTS


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