Why GooglePlus Might Be The Best Social Network For Photographers

Harrison Jacobs


Let’s be honest, there are too many social media networks to keep up with. In the end, you can only pick a few to really put the time and effort into. It’s about return on investment—which social network is going to result in the most amount of referrals and traffic to your website or blog. It may be surprising but GooglePlus may be the most bang for your buck.

Moz.com, a search engine optimization company, has found a striking correlation between GooglePlus activity and search rankings. Their findings suggest that GooglePlus activity is now the second highest factor next to Page Authority, which we explained here, in determining your search ranking.

I won't get into the nitty gritty technical details of why this is. If you are interested in that, follow the link above to Moz's explanation. Instead, I'll go into what you have to do take advantage of the correlation.

1. Set up Google Authorship:

This will automatically set up a GooglePlus profile for you and tie your profile to your blog or website. Your picture appears next to the links to your website in search, which makes it more attractive to users.

2. Build relationships on GooglePlus and actively engage:

This will build activity on your profile, causing Google to value you more as a "thought leader." In addition, when people that are in one of your circles search for a term that you might show up for, like say, "Houston wedding photographer," you automatically appear much higher in the rankings because of GooglePlus.

3. Share great content and comment:

GooglePlus is a unique social media network that rewards real commentary and engaging with people outside of your real-life network. It's a little like a cross between Twitter and Facebook. That makes it ideal for sharing links to great content (which Google loves) and then adding your own personal commentary to add value.

4. Make your posts public

This will make sure that you can engage with people outside of your personal network. In addition, Google will value your posts more for SEO purposes.



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