Why It Might Be Time To Stop Marketing Your Photography On Facebook

Harrison Jacobs

A few weeks ago, Facebook changed its Newsfeed algorithm. Quick summary: The new algorithm reduces the amount of content that users see from brand pages (and other users) in favor of professional content, such as articles published by The Atlantic, Buzzfeed, etc, and content paid for by brands.

From the get-go, many realized what this meant for individuals and small businesses trying to reach their fans organically (i.e. They are out of luck). It appears that this change is only a sign of things to come. It comes down to a “misalignment of interests” as Youtuber Veritasium explained this week in a recent web video on Facebook.

“Facebook has taken control of what users see in order to make money from them,” says Veritasium.

All users on Facebook are essentially advertisers now. In comparison to Youtube, where users create content that Youtube then pays creators for when lots of people watch, Facebook users create content that they must pay for other users to see. It doesn’t make sense, but the implication is that, over time, users will see more and more of what people pay for you to see, rather than what you want to see. When the noise outweighs the information about your friends and parents, expect users to shut off.

Last time when we wrote about this, we advised that you begin to focus on creating quality content to reach users and lay off the gimmicks and click bait . This may be a sound strategy for now, but if users start to shut Facebook off, move your photography marketing efforts elsewhere. It may already be time to do that. Twitter, while far less visual than Facebook, doesn’t filter what users see and GooglePlus may have more impact on your search ranking than Facebook ever could.

The Internet marketing game is always changing. You’ve got to be one step ahead. Check out the full video from Veritasium below. It’s worth the watch:



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