You Can't Means You Can

David J. Carol


When I was in high school, I was told "You can't". When I went to the School of Visual Arts, we never talked about how we couldn't. We talked about what we could and would do. It was totally outrageous to think that I would spend my life traveling the world and taking pictures. It was unrealistic to think I would have a book of my photographs. It was silly to imagine my photographs would be in museums.

The economy was bad. We never thought about how we would support ourselves. We walked, talked, ate and slept photography. I wanted to get a job that would pay me to travel all over the world to take pictures.

Listen. I had no money and no right to think I could do all these things, but it's all I wanted to do. I made myself believe it would happen. No, I didn't make myself believe, I did believe it would happen. To this day, every time someone tells me they like my work or asks me my opinion about photography, I feel slightly surprised but always thrilled. When I was a little kid, I would dream of pitching for the New York Yankees.

My dream came true!



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