©James Farrell

7 Tips for Getting Clients to Pay What You Are Worth

November 16, 2015 · Features

Brooklyn-based photographer James Farrell explains how to get the shoot budgets and fees that match the expectations of your clients. More »

© Caleb Cain Marcus

Caleb Cain Marcus's Goddess Investigates the Seen and Unseen Along the Ganges

November 27, 2015 · Features

To create his new book, Marcus used India's legendary river as raw material to make images that encourage a different understanding of how we experience physical space. More »

12 of Our Favorite Mobile Apps for Photographers

November 26, 2015 · Features

From photo editing and sharing to unshackling your phone camera's manual controls, these are the apps we can't live with out. More »

© Michael Grecco

How to Get the Best from Portraiture Subjects: Michael Grecco

November 25, 2015 · Features

Bonding with his subjects helps Grecco create memorable portraits of celebrities and executives. More »

© Josh Wool

How to Get the Best from Portrait Subjects: Josh Wool

November 23, 2015 · Features

Wool's preparation and the way he directs his subjects are essential to his soulful portraits. More »


How to Get the Best from Portrait Subjects: Frances F. Denny

November 20, 2015 · Features

Denny explains how she gets evocative and empowering portraits of women for editorial and advertising clients. More »

© Pieter Ten Hoopen

How to Get the Best from Portrait Subjects: Photojournalist Pieter Ten Hoopen

November 18, 2015 · Features

Mixing portraiture into his documentary projects allows the photojournalist to "slow down, to observe the tiny details." More »

© Ami Vitale

How Ami Vitale Built Support for Her Long-Term Photo Project

November 17, 2015 · Features

Personal investment, social media engagement, key relationships and a creative approach are all factors in sustaining Vitale's wildlife conservation project. More »


How to Make the Most of a Creative Call and Write a Successful Treatment

November 16, 2015 · Features

Four photographers explain why and how they submit written treatments to sell themselves and their ideas during the bidding process. More »

Images Courtesy of Brian Hallett and Jared Moossy

How to Step Into 4K While Stepping Around the Pitfalls

November 12, 2015 · Features

Videographers discuss the often-subtle challenges of shooting 4K video. More »


Tailored Pitches Key to Winning Business for Candy Kennedy and Her Team

November 10, 2015 · Features

By partnering with a production team, Kennedy creates pitches targeted to specific companies while maintaining control over her productions. More »

© Toby Smith

Corporate Partnerships Enable Toby Smith's Ambitious Projects

November 06, 2015 · Features

By pitching partners in industries he's interested in covering, Smith has financed projects that lead to commercial and editorial licensing opportunities. More »

© Nadia Sablin

Nadia Sablin Chronicles Her Elderly Aunts' Lives in a Rural Russian Village

November 05, 2015 · Features

The project, which transported the photographer back to her childhood, earned the photographer the CDS/Honickman First Book Prize. More »

© Jongsma O’Neill

Frames Per Second: Jongsma + O'Neill Finding Success with Immersive Storytelling

November 05, 2015 · Features

The award-winning documentary filmmakers explain the planning behind their interactive, multi-chapter production Empire, and their upcoming VR documentary. More »

© Frances F. Denny

How Frances F. Denny Made the Jump From Assistant to Fine-Art and Ad Photographer

November 04, 2015 · Features

Denny's broad network of contacts has helped her establish herself since getting her MFA. More »

© Ewan Burns

Ewan Burns: Continuous Lights Key to Capturing Athletes in Action for Reebok

November 03, 2015 · Features

Burns explains how he illuminated a large space, which allowed him to efficiently capture action action as it happened around him. More »

© Gabriela Herman

Gabriela Herman's Career-Changing Organic Farm Project

November 02, 2015 · Photographer Interviews

The photographer's long-term project photographing an idyllic New England Farm led to new opportunities, culminating in the publication of a cookbook. More »

© Josh Wool

PDN November 2015: The How-To Issue

November 01, 2015 · Features

The table of contents PDN's November 2015 issue, which focusses on how-to make it as a photographer.  More »

© The Richard Avedon Foundation/Courtesy Abrams

What Susan Middleton Learned from Richard Avedon About Reaching Audiences

October 30, 2015 · Features

Susan Middleton tells PDN how she learned the importance of balancing artistry and accessibility while working for Richard Avedon. More »

© Will Deleon

How I Got That Shot: Will Deleon's Splashy Product Shot

October 29, 2015 · Features

Deleon used a well-placed piece of Plexiglas to simulate an invisible barrier for shoe-protection treatment. More »


New Book and Exhibition Explore the Art of Air Traffic Control Towers

October 27, 2015 · Features

Carolyn Russo’s photographs of air traffic control towers around the world consider the structures as architectural artworks, as witnesses to history, and as emblems of the future.  More »

9 Video Editing Tools to Bring Motion to Life

October 26, 2015 · Features

Video tech is evolving fast enough that even as many products add 4K compatibility, at least one video-editing program is already supporting 8K video. More »


Natalie Keyssar on Photographing Venezuela's Angry Divide

October 22, 2015 · Features

Keyssar went to Venezuela to cover protests and discovered a story far more complicated and journalistically challenging than she imagined. More »

© Science/Photo by Alexander Maklakov

Create Spotlight: A New Look for Science Magazine

October 21, 2015 · Features

Design director Beth Rakouskas and senior photo editor Bill Douthitt tell PDN about assigning and finding photography for the prestigious and newly redesigned journal. More »


Leveraging an Online Audience to Attract Book Publishers

October 20, 2015 · Features

Two photographers who found success turning the work they showcased online into photo books explain how they got published. More »

© Toni Greaves

Toni Greaves' New Book Follows the Life of a Young Nun

October 16, 2015 · Features

Toni Greaves’s first monograph follows the growth of a young nun’s relationship with God and her community of sisters, exploring what it means to pursue what one loves in life. More »


How to Pitch Your Photo Book to Publishers

October 16, 2015 · Features

To convince publishers to take a chance on a book, photographers have to think like marketers. Book packagers offer their advice.   More »

© Gary Briechle

How I Got That Grant: Richard Renaldi and Gary Briechle on Winning 2015 Guggenheim Fellowships

October 15, 2015 · Features

How the photographers put together successful applications for the fellowships, which support mid-career artists. More »

© TASCHEN/Photo By Carrie Solomon, Illustration By Aurore d’Estaing

How to Pitch Your Photo Book to Trade Publishers: Carrie Solomon’s Inside Chefs’ Fridges

October 14, 2015 · Features

The book is one of the few cookbooks that TASCHEN has published; managing editor Florian Kobler says it has the “global appeal” the company looks for. More »

Courtesy of Michael Grecco

How (And Why) To Make Copyright Registration Part Of Your Workflow

October 12, 2015 · Features

Photographer Michael Grecco breaks down his workflow for registering copyright and explains why doing so is essential to his business. More »

© Christian Chaize

How to Pitch Your Photo Book to Trade Publishers: Christian Chaize’s Praia Piquinia

October 12, 2015 · Features

Chaize’s editor at Chronicle Books says his book can appeal to a person who loves beaches or travel, in addition to people who appreciate his photography. More »


How to Pitch Your Photo Book to Trade Publishers: Susan Middleton’s Spineless

October 09, 2015 · Features

Middleton's esthetic approach of isolating the odd, beautiful and lesser-known animals on seamless backgrounds appealed to Eric Himmel, her editor at Abrams.  More »


1st Amendment Watch: Will Police Ever Get the Message That Photography is Not a Crime?

October 08, 2015 · Features

Press advocates say there are signs that police are easing up on photographers, but that there is still much room for improvement. More »

©Maggie Steber

Two-Minute Interview: Maggie Steber on Making a Life-Changing Portrait of Her Mother

October 07, 2015 · Photographer Interviews

In this two-minute interview, photojournalist Maggie Steber talks about one of her eureka moments, and the last gift that her mother gave to her. More »


How to Find a Sponsor for Your Photo Book

October 06, 2015 · Features

Photographer Jonathan Mehring turned a chance meeting with a Levi's marketing exec into a sponsorship, convincing National Geographic to publish his skateboarding book. More »


How To Light Subjects That Move

October 06, 2015 · Features

How photographers and a video director light splashes, pours, car shots and video productions.  More »


High Production Values and Drone Footage Elevate a Humble Video Commercial

October 05, 2015 · Features

A Long Island, NY agency uses strong storytelling and dramatic aerial visuals to make a short film with slick production values. More »


You've Published Your Photo Book. Now How Do You Market It?

October 02, 2015 · Features

Interviews with publishing veterans who share their advice on how to effectively distribute and market photo books.  More »


PDN October 2015: The Getting Published Issue

October 01, 2015 · Features

The table of contents for PDN's October 2015 Issue, which focusses on Getting Published. More »


Pioneering Photographer Barbara Crane on Women in Photography

September 29, 2015 · Features

"The matriarch of Chicago photography" discusses the camaraderie she finds at a women’s photo group, and how attitudes towards women in fine-art have (and haven’t) changed during her remarkable career. More »

Stabilizer Roundup: 14 Tripods, Rigs and Gimbals to Steady Your Hand

September 28, 2015 · Features

Though tripod tech has only seen incremental improvements, camera gimbals have experienced a surge in innovation as electronics bring formerly difficult—or impossible—shots within reach of first-time and independent filmmakers. More »

© Melissa Eich

Can Photographers Be Engaged Fathers and Have Successful Careers, Too?

September 25, 2015 · Features

Is a photography career compatible with parenting? We asked some dads this question (for a change). More »


Create Spotlight: Al Jazeera America's Long-Form Photo Essays

September 24, 2015 · Features

PDN speaks to Mark Rykoff, the director of photography for Al Jazeera America's website, about how the site finds, assigns and showcases photo essays. More »


Maia Flore's Fantastical Images Explore Photography and Memory

September 22, 2015 · Features

The photographer stages and composites photographs that hint at alternate realities, and toys with photography’s association with reality to encourage viewers to suspend their disbelief. More »


Elena Dorfman's Multimedia Exhibition Focuses on Syria’s Teen Refugees

September 17, 2015 · Features

While working for the U.N., Dorfman created a project that encourages viewers to connect and empathize with a generation of Syrians whose youth has been stolen by civil war. More »


Photographer Zanele Muholi on Fighting Homophobic Violence With Portraiture

September 17, 2015 · Features

The South African "visual activist" talks about her honest, intimate portraits of black lesbians, and her fearless advocacy for her country's LGBTI community. More »


What's Your Niche? Megan Green, Motorsports Photographer

September 16, 2015 · Features

Green talks to PDN about how she broke into the testosterone-driven world of auto racing and started landing jobs from bloggers, magazines, racing teams and commercial clients. More »


How I Got That Shot: Christine Blackburne 'Nails' a Reflective Still Life

September 14, 2015 · Features

Blackburne explains how she created a lighting setup that balanced shine, texture and a hand model’s skin tones in still lifes for Nail It! magazine. More »


Photographer Maggie Steber on Women, Minorities, and How to Nurture Talent

September 10, 2015 · Features

The photojournalist and mentor offers career advice for aspiring photographers and talks about the state of the photography industry for women and minorities. More »


Photographer Lauren Dukoff on Collaborating with Celebrities and Couture Designers

September 09, 2015 · Features

Known for her intimate portraits of Adele and other celebrities, Dukoff explains how she made the leap to creating fashion stories for Vogue Japan. More »


Photographer Anna Wolf on Creating a Lifestyle Look in Fashion and Portraits

September 08, 2015 · Features

Wolf emphasizes her interaction with subjects to create a unified lifestyle look in her portfolio, and uses her magazine, Tidal, to share work she’s passionate about. More »


How to Improve Your Video with Better Color

September 07, 2015 · Features

PDN talked to editors and filmmakers to get their tips for better color grading, which can create consistency in disparate footage, and enhance a story or mood. More »


How to Break Into Fashion Photography

September 04, 2015 · Features

Advice from photographers and clients on landing fashion clients, from the PDNonline archives.
More »


Mary Ellen Mark: On Portraiture and the Moment

September 03, 2015 · Features

In an excerpt from her posthumously published book on teaching, Mary Ellen Mark shares her advice on making a revealing and lasting portrait. More »


Tabitha Soren Explores American Identity Through Baseball

September 01, 2015 · Features

The photographer spent 12 years working on her project "Fantasy Life," which uses a team of minor league baseball players as a metaphor for American identity myths. More »


PDN September 2015: The Portrait & Fashion Issue

September 01, 2015 · Features

The table of contents for PDN's September Issue, which focusses on portrait and fashion photography. More »

Courtesy Girl Gang

Women Photographers Find Strength in Numbers

August 31, 2015 · Features

Through salons, collectives and face-to-face gatherings, women photographers celebrate and support each other's work, and share ideas. More »

Gear Round Up: 8 High-Powered Video Cameras for Your Next Film

August 31, 2015 · Features

With fast frame rates, plenty of dynamic range and resolutions that leave 4K in the dust, these video cameras put your DSLR's video mode to shame. More »


Advice on Funding Your Photo Project

August 28, 2015 · Features

Take a dive into PDN's archives for stories about how to get your photo project funded. More »


Photographer Olivia Arthur Considers Dubai's Past and Present

August 28, 2015 · Features

The sinking of a Dubai-based vessel in 1961 serves as the anchor for the British photographer's unique new book, Stranger. More »


Exposing India's Illegal Sand Mines for WIRED

August 27, 2015 · Features

Photographer Adam Ferguson tapped contacts from years working in India to find evidence of the country's growing illegal sand trade. More »


How to Ditch Your Laptop and Make A Mobile Photography Workflow

August 26, 2015 · Features

It's never been easier for photographers to leave their computers at home and do most of their workflow on mobile devices, but RAW shooters still get a raw deal. More »


What's Your Niche: James Farrell, Action Sports Photographer

August 24, 2015 · Features

James Farrell specializes in photographing all types of sports action for Sports Illustrated, Prevention, Runner's World and other magazines. More »


How Totem Creative Makes Editorial-Style Catalogues for Lord & Taylor

August 20, 2015 · Features

Robert Festino and Geraldine Hessler tell PDN how they produce catalogue shoots that look like fashion editorials for the department store Lord & Taylor. More »


How I Got That Shot: David Westphal Captures California Sun for GMC

August 19, 2015 · Features

Westphal captures both stills and video during a 12-day shoot for a campaign promoting the Chevrolet City Express vans, mixing strobes with natural California sunlight. More »


The Things They Carry: Christa Renee's Sun-Chasing Kit

August 18, 2015 · Features

Renee typically shoots in available light, so she packs scrims and reflectors to modify it, but also packs a Profoto flash as backup. More »


Steven B. Smith’s Street Photographs Portray Utah’s Religious Conservatism, Then and Now

August 14, 2015 · Features

In “Waiting Out The Latter Days,” Steven B. Smith revisits the photos of small-town Utah he made as a young person struggling with Cold War, conservative culture, adding new images reflecting his changed perspective. More »


The Things They Carry: Renan Ozturk's Expedition Filmmaking Setup

August 13, 2015 · Features

Ozturk balances speed and weight limits with the desire to push expedition filmmaking forward when building a kit that will take him high into the Himalayas. More »


End Frame: Remembering Mary Ellen Mark

August 13, 2015 · Features

Words of remembrance from photographers, publishers and editors that worked with the photographer, who passed in May 2015. More »


The Things They Carry: Daniel Russo's Surf Photo/Video Kit

August 11, 2015 · Features

The surf photographer and filmmaker breaks down the highly portable kit he uses to chase waves around the globe. More »

© Peter McBride
© Peter McBride

Managing Photo Tech On Location, Off The Grid

August 06, 2015 · Photographer Interviews

PDN talks to photographers about how they manage to stay connected with clients and family while on location in remote areas. More »

© Karim Ben Khelifa
© Karim Ben Khelifa

Former Conflict Photographer Uses Virtual Reality to Humanize Conflict

August 05, 2015 · Video

Using virtual reality, Karim Ben Khelifa's new project gives viewers a sense of interacting with soldiers on both sides of longstanding conflicts. More »

© Keith Ellenbogen
© Keith Ellenbogen

How I Got That Grant: Keith Ellenbogen’s High-Speed Photography Adventure at M.I.T.

August 04, 2015 · Photographer Interviews

Photographer Keith Ellenbogen tells PDN how he won a visiting artist-in-residency fellowship from M.I.T.’s Center of Art, Science & Technology to spend a semester working with an physics professor on improving underwater high-speed photography techniques. More »

Image courtesy of Paul Colangelo
Image courtesy of Paul Colangelo

PDN August 2015: The Going Mobile Issue

August 03, 2015 · Features

Take a look inside the August 2015 issue of PDN. More »


Rachel Papo's Look at Homeschooled Children

July 30, 2015 · Features

The photographer delves into the lives of children being raised and educated outside of the American school system. More »


From the Art Fairs: Michelle Dunn Marsh on Kimiko Yoshida's "Brides"

July 29, 2015 · Features

The founder of Minor Matters Books discusses Yoshida's self-portraits, which feature bridal dress adapted from different cultures and traditions. More »


A Skateboarding Wet-Plate Photographer's Year-Long Cadillac Project

July 28, 2015 · Features

Matt Alberts turned an interest in board sports and antique photography into a social media campaign and gallery exhibitions, funded by Cadillac. More »

How to Sell Your Fine-Art Prints: A Primer

July 24, 2015 · Features

Advice from gallery owners, curators, photographers and collectors about the market for fine-art prints. More »


How I Got That Shot: Carlos Serrao's Blend of Sports and Fashion for Nike

July 23, 2015 · Features

The photographer was tasked with shooting Nike's Tech Pack apparel autumn/winter campaign, and referenced thermal imaging for his red-hued multiple exposure images. More »

Lens Roundup: 18 Lenses for Any Need

July 21, 2015 · Features

PDN canvasses the market for the latest great glass for video, mirrorless, DSLR, rangefinder and medium format camera systems. More »

Lucas Blalock, "Untitled," 2012, courtesy the artist and Ramiken Crucible.

Q&A: Joshua Chuang, Chief Curator of the Center for Creative Photography

July 21, 2015 · Features

As the collecting institution founded by Ansel Adams prepares to celebrate its 40th year, its chief curator reimagines the museum’s role, creating dialogues between masters, contemporary image makers and artists working in other disciplines.  More »

© Audubon/photo © Melissa Groo

How to Land Photo Assignments from Audubon Magazine

July 17, 2015 · Features

The photography director of the national environmental magazine, explains how she assigns photo essays and portraits for its coverage of nature, the environment, and conservation. More »


Is The Art World Biased Against Commercial Photographers?

July 16, 2015 · Features

Though some gallerists, curators and collectors may look down on photographers with commercial careers, others say those photographers develop skills that can help them succeed in fine-art careers. More »


How to Negotiate Prices for Commissioned Prints

July 15, 2015 · Features

PDN talks to artists, gallery owners and curators about the criteria to consider in order to get the most out of your print sales. More »

©Katie Orlinsky

Two-Minute Interview: Katie Orlinsky on Subtle Emotion vs. Shocking Violence

July 14, 2015 · Photographer Interviews

Katie Orlinsky, a 2013 PDN's 30, talks about an image from her "Innocence Assassinated" project, and why quiet images of the living victims of Mexico's drug war tell a more powerful story than images of the actual violence. More »


Letha Wilson's Landscape Installation Art

July 13, 2015 · Features

By incorporating her photos of the American West into her sculptural works, Wilson encourages a thoughtful reexamination of landscape photography.  More »


W.A.G.E. Advocates for Artists Working for Fair Pay

July 09, 2015 · Features

Working Artists and the Greater Economy (W.A.G.E.) is an artist-led advocacy organization fighting for the rights of artists to be fairly compensated for their work. More »


From Lads to Men: The New Maxim Magazine

July 07, 2015 · Features

Facing financial ruin in 2014, Maxim recently acquired a new owner, editor and redesign. PDN asks Andrea Volbrecht, the magazine's director of photography, about the magazine's new look and the photographers who helped define it. More »


A Photographer Explores Climate Change on North Carolina's Outer Banks

July 06, 2015 · Features

Greg Kahn explores the social and environmental landscapes of North Carolina's Outer Banks, on the front lines of the climate change debate. More »

© Sean Baker & Radium Cheung
© Sean Baker & Radium Cheung

Sundance Favorite "Tangerine" is a Feature Film Shot on iPhones

July 02, 2015 · Video

Filmmaker Sean Baker uses the iPhone's strengths and weaknesses to make a surprising statement about smartphone videography. More »


PDN July 2015: The Fine-Art Photography Issue

July 01, 2015 · Features

The table of contents for PDN's July 2015 issue, which focuses on Fine-Art Photography. More »

© Zalmaï

Zalmaï's "Dread and Dreams" Captures the Toll of Conflict on Afghans

June 29, 2015 · Features

In his new photobook, the Afghanistan-born photographer mixes black-and-white images with flashes of color to portray the hardship and hope of Afghan citizens. More »


Frames Per Second: Characterizing the Fence at the Center of the Immigration Debate

June 26, 2015 · Features

For Charles Ommanney's first video, the experienced photojournalist and Newsweek contributor tells the tale of the U.S.-Mexico border fence with video, stills and recorded interviews. More »


Alice Gao's Advice for Building an Instagram Following

June 25, 2015 · Features

The lifestyle, travel and food photographer leveraged her placement on Instagram's Suggested Users List to the tune of 900,000 followers. More »


What Should Photographers Charge for Social Media Usage?

June 24, 2015 · Features

The growing market for social media imagery has given many photographers a new revenue stream, but inconsistent pricing standards threaten to cause a race to the bottom. PDN spoke with reps to find out how they're determining what they charge. More »


How Cornerstone Uses Photography to Tell Brands' Stories

June 23, 2015 · Features

Jeff Tammes, the agency's head of creative and strategy, tells PDN what Cornerstone does for its clients, how they use photography and what they look for in photographers. More »

Two-Minute Interview: Cig Harvey on “The Goldfinch,” and on Finding vs. Constructing Images

June 23, 2015 · Photographer Interviews

In this two-minute interview, Cig Harvey describes how she made “The Goldfinch,” and discusses how her found images influence her constructed work.  More »


Will Global Safety Standards Cause Publications to Take More Responsibility for Freelance Photographers?

June 22, 2015 · Features

Unprecedented threats to the lives and livelihoods of freelance conflict journalists have lead journalism organizations and news companies to collaborate on safety standards. Will they help? More »

Keep It Safe: 16 Storage Solutions for Preserving Your Photos

June 19, 2015 · Features

These physical and cloud-based storage solutions will help keep your digital negatives safe for years to come. More »


How I Got That Shot: Gary Land's Dramatic Action

June 18, 2015 · Features

The commercial photographer and director uses moody backlighting and hard light sources to capture athletes in action. More »


© Josh Wool
PDN November 2015: The How-To Issue



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