Hank Willis Thomas on His Branded Series (audio)

Interview by David Walker

© Alexis Peskine/Courtesy of Hank Willis Thomas & Jack Shainman Gallery
 Hank Willis Thomas.

In this audio clip of our interview with visual artist Hank Willis Thomas, he explains how his breakthrough series called "Branded" evolved while he was in graduate school at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, thinking about the power and the language of advertising. He also discusses the difference between art and design, and how that distinction informed his approach to the series. (Read PDN's profile of Thomas here.)

Hank Willis Thomas on His "Unbranded" and "Rebranded" Projects (audio)
Hank Willis Thomas on the Power of Photography to Create Myths (audio)
Hank Willis Thomas on Truth, Lies and Advertising (profile)

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