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ON OUR COVER: Kris Boeckmans, a member of Lotto-Belisol (a professional cycling team) rides through the Secteur pavé de Quiévy à Saint-Python at the 2014 Paris-Roubaix. The image was shot by Daniel Wakefield Pasley and Emiliano Granado for the online magazine they created, Manual For Speed. Read more on this and other magazines published by photographers on PDNOnline this month, or in the digital edition of our August issue.

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The Costly Business of Photo Book Publishing
With rising costs and tightening margins, some book publishers are turning to new avenues to share costs and risks. BY KRIS WILTON

Just Do It: Photographers Become Magazine Publishers To Realize Their Visions
Photographers-turned-publishers have produced the journals they wanted to make, and in the process have attracted committed readers and the attention of sponsors. BY CONOR RISCH AND HOLLY STUART HUGHES

The Value of Self-Publishing
Three photographers who have recently self-published their photo books discuss their motivations, creative processes and lessons learned. BY CONOR RISCH AND DAVID WALKER


Picture Story: The Ruin of a Great Chinese River
How photographer Ian Teh produced his sad, beautiful lament for the Yellow River, one of the more tragic environmental casualties of China’s quick economic transformation. BY DAVID WALKER

Personal Work to Paying Assignments: Michel Leroy Jump-Starts New Business with Rally Bikers Project
Seeking creative renewal, Michel Leroy took a summer off to photograph a subject that had fascinated him as a kid. He’s successfully used the project to grab the attention of advertising clients. BY DAVID WALKER

What’s Your Niche: Sailboat Racing Event Photography
Photographer Allen Clark makes his living shooting sailing regattas along the East Coast and in the Caribbean, and selling prints afterwards to the participants through his website, PhotoBoat.com. Clark and his wife, Daniela Clark, explain how the business works. BY DAVID WALKER


Spotlight: What’s In at Out
Greg Garry is the photo director of Out and a freelance art director, stylist and writer. He explains how he assigns the magazine’s photography and how his many creative projects fit together. INTERVIEW BY HOLLY STUART HUGHES


How I Got That Shot: Sunshine on a Cloudy Day
Interiors photographer Alec Hemer explains how he mixed light sources to mimic sunlight on an assignment for a home furnishings company.

Product Reviews
Hasselblad H5D-50c, Samsung NX30, Nik Analog Efex Pro 2. BY DAN HAVLIK

Frames Per Second: Filming Song and Dance
The photography/directing duo Angela & Ithyle’s video for Benefit Cosmetics was a lesson in the fun and the challenges of filming choreography. BY HOLLY STUART HUGHES

Shaping the Light: 7 Key Light Modifiers for Your Studio
Whatever your photographic specialty, you’re likely to find a modifier (or two) here to pique your interest. BY THEANO NIKITAS


Mother’s Mother
Goseong Choi began photographing his family for a change of pace, then his grandmother fell ill and passed away, challenging the photographer to create his most personal work to date. BY DZANA TSOMONDO

The Far Reaches
In his long-term documentary project, Jon Tonks surveys the last vestiges of the British Empire—and the people, places and things that define it—with wit and charm. BY SABINE MIRLESSE

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