Custom Tools of the Trade

We talk to three fine-art photographers about the tools they adapted to make the photographs they wanted to see.

Unexpected Lighting: LED Lights for Digital Capture, Strobe-Lighting Outdoor Action Sports and Light Painting on a Huge Scale
Three photographers explain how they’ve put familiar light sources to use in unfamiliar ways.

How Inventors Turn Their Ideas into Products
Photographer/entrepreneurs describe the long, sometimes difficult process of launching their inventions in the marketplace.

Compact Cameras: Keep It Discreet
Photographers are using small cameras and smart phones to capture conflict, street and documentary images while remaining inconspicuous. Is this a micro revolution?


City Guide: Montreal
Photographers in the Montreal market describe the pros 
and cons of living and working in their city.


Does Editorial Post-Production Cost Too Much?

Budget-wary photo editors worry about the often high costs and overuse of post-production; photographers insist that post is an essential element of the images they deliver. In this PDN report, photographers, editors and retouchers tell their side of the story.

Right Stuff: Making The Transition from Staff Photographer to Freelancer
Former newspaper photographer Tiffany Brown creates a marketing campaign that reinforces her new brand on the Web, in print and via e-mail.

Client Meeting: Strength in Small Numbers
Leaving a powerhouse advertising agency to found a small studio seems counterintuitive, but for creative directors James Selman and Matt Stein of weights&pulleys, getting small was the best way 
to move their careers forward.


How I Got That Shot: 
The Illusion of an Explosion

Jonathon Kambouris describes step by step how he played with focus and hard lighting to create depth and dimension in a still-life image.

Objects of Desire:

The 12-Megapixel Fuji X10

Wood Camera iPhone Case from Signicase

Sony’s DEV-5 Digital Binoculars

The ePillow

Product Reviews:

Adorama Flashpoint II 620M Portrait Wedding Monolight Kit

Canon EF 8-15mm f/4L Fisheye USM Lens

CanvasPop Printing Service



The Department of Justice is suing the parent company of for-profit art and design schools for allegedly using illegal recruiting methods to collect $11 billion in student loan money.

Ziyah Gafic’s forensic photos are a poignant document of genocide in Bosnia.

TV networks are playing fast and loose with photographers’ copyrights.


Justin Kimball finds a new outlet for his interest in narrative portraiture.

Justin Guariglia’s new book project for a unique, 
and royal, client.

End Frame:

Historical Perspective

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Obituary: Photographer Charles Harbutt Dies



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