PDN's All-Star Assistants: Laurel Golio

By Libby Peterson

© Emiliano Granado

Type of Assistant: First Assistant, Full-Time/Studio Assistant & Second Assistant

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Best Skills: Administration/studio management; color calibration and color profiling; daylight shooting; digital capture and software; light metering; managing other assistants; post-production software/retouching; still cameras: 35mm, digital backs and medium format; still lighting: strobes/flash systems

Has Assisted: João Canziani, Emiliano Granado, Megan Greenlee, Jody Rogac, Kenneth Willardt and Karen Wise

As a self-described visual anthropologist, Laurel Golio is enthralled by how people identify and present themselves, how they navigate the world and how they fit into various subcultures. Emiliano Granado has seen over the past four years of working together that Golio is a “real human” who has “been making significant work. Instead of trying to make work that will get her jobs, she’s been working on a project that changes young people’s lives,” he says. Golio began her “We Are the Youth” project to raise the visibility of queer youth in America. “She’s one of the best people I know,” Granado says.

Laurel Golio Photo Gallery

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