PDN's All-Star Assistants: David Ohl

By Brienne Walsh

© John Bernardo

Type of Assistant: Digital Tech & First Assistant

Location: Philadelphia

Best Skills: Color calibration/color profiling; daylight shooting; digital capture and software; light metering; managing other assistants; photo archiving/image editing/image delivery; post-production software/retouching; still cameras: 35mm, digital backs, large format and medium format; still lighting: continuous/tungsten/HMI/Lowel/Kino Flo and strobes/flash systems

Has Assisted:
Chris Crisman, Ryan Donnell, Dominic Episcopo, Patrik Giardino, Mark Katzman, Sonja Pacho, Dominic Savini, Chris Sembrot and Walter Smith

At first glance, David Ohl’s images look more like abstract canvasses or still-life paintings than they do photographs. Frequently using monochrome palettes to make objects pop off the surface of the images, Ohl has a clear talent with conceptual photography. Although he’s adept at handling cameras, what sets him apart from other assistants, according to Chris Sembrot, is his skill with digital technology. “He knows all of the elements of digital cameras, and is super easy to be around,” Sembrot says. “What more could I ask for?”

David Ohl Photo Gallery

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