PDN's All-Star Assistants: Stephanie Dinkel

By Libby Peterson

Courtesy of Stephanie Dinkel

Type of Assistant: First Assistant

Astoria, New York

Best Skills: Administration/studio management; color calibration and color profiling; daylight shooting; digital capture and software; light metering; managing other assistants; photo archiving/image editing/image delivery; post-production software/retouching; still cameras: 35mm, digital backs, large format and medium format; still lighting: continuous/tungsten/HMI/Lowel/Kino Flo and strobes/flash systems

Has Assisted:
Hans Feurer, Marco Grob, Raymond Meier and Micaela Rossato

Raymond Meier says Stephanie Dinkel was the best assistant he ever had. With most assistants, he’s had to “manage” them, constantly reminding them of important details, but with Dinkel, the opposite was true. She could always be counted on to know everything about the latest technology, whether a client liked their coffee with sugar or without, and when to wrap up early so that Meier could go pick up his son at soccer practice. “This is what I consider a dream assistant,” Meier says. “These details make all the difference.” Today, she still helps him with his more difficult assignments, and as she focuses on her own still-life and portrait photography, Meier assists her, too.

Stephanie Dinkel Photo Gallery

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