PDN's All-Star Assistants: Robert Kozek

By Brienne Walsh

© Robert Kozek

Type of Assistant: Second Assistant

Location: Venice, California

Best Skills: Color calibration/color profiling; daylight shooting; digital capture and software; light metering; managing other assistants; photo archiving/image editing/image delivery; post-production software/retouching; still cameras: 35mm, digital backs, large format and medium format; still lighting: continuous/tungsten/HMI/Lowel/Kino Flo and strobes/flash systems; video lighting

Has Assisted: Miles Aldridge, Patrick Ecclesine, Sam Jones, Fred Pinet, Matthew Jordan Smith, Cristina Trayfors, and Williams + Hirakawa

One sign of true talent is when a photographer can put aside his own ego, and get along with other photographers on a set. It means that he has enough faith in his own skills that he doesn’t need to constantly prove himself. Such is the case with Robert Kozek, whom photographer Matthew Jordan Smith says is not only humble, “he’s just one of those incredible assistants who doesn’t let you down.” On his own time, Kozek is in the process of building a thriving business as a portrait shooter. He has an ability to draw out nuanced expressions—melancholy, wryness—from his subjects.

Robert Kozek Photo Gallery

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